Hack Facebook account and E-mail id - Maya

Hack Facebook account and E-mail id - Maya

Hack Facebook account and E-mail id - Maya
Maya ( password Stealer ) by Prince Ali. It is used by the hackers to steal the password's from  victim system.
It is mostly used to hack the E-mail accounts you can use it for hack the Facebook accounts. It is easy to understand and use. You can make your own "trojan" ( virus ) just in three simple steps.
It create log in three methods
  • Mail Delivery
  • PHP Delivery
  • Save Locally
How to setup Maya 
  • Mail Delivery
If you are setting your maya with " Mail Delivery". You are able to send your maya log through the Email accounts. In Recipient Email put your email id and in From Email you put the victim Email id ( which you want to hack ). Then put your File Name ( maya.exe ) and select the option below i.e (Ras Passwords , Grab IE Urls and ActiveX Startup).
Note- Maya will check for 2 hours if it get the new password then it will send thos to your Email.
  • PHP Delivery
First you upload your PHP script into your site like ww,yoursite.com ". Put your uploaded php url to the PHP Script Url.
*Before uploading
Remember Changing the php Script password and Entry number , Open the File with
The First 3 Entries are :
$view_pass = “password”; //This is the Password you will use to view the Logs$length = 1000; //The number of Entries to keep$ctrl_file = “mpws.txt”; // the Text file name the passes will be saved in it 
Remember to CHMOD the Files , on Some Host the ctrl_file cannot be automatically create so it is recommended to create a blank file and upload it urself .

You can see the password here
You can set password to your logs so that no other person can see that
  • Save Locally
By selecting the save locally option  and your  password will save on C:/maya.html
Some important terms
RAS passwords :- If you want to clear the Internet connection passes.
Grab IE urls :- To grab the IE urls.
ActiveX start UP :- It will start as the windows starts.

Download Maya
click here
password :- NWC

Only  for education purpose... Try at your own risk 
 i hope this post is helpful to you...... :d

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