Key logger are the software that monitors  keystrokes activities performed by the victim. It records every keyword that was typed by the user including E- mails, Password, Usernames, Bank accounts information.. etc. It sends log to the attacker E mail id. This can give your secret information to the attacker email. By this attacker has access to your accounts and email Ids.

Facebook Hacking
By key logger you can hack also Facebook accounts of the people. You send key logger through Some files 
by attaching your key logger to that files. Once victim downloaded your files and execute his downloaded files
Key logger also get activated with that files and start working. It start's recording every keystroke which was typed by the victim and you get log of the every keystroke  to your E mail account. You get the username and password of the victim Facebook account. It is so easy.   

Anti-virus companies  added information about known key logger in their anti virus database. For new key logger one should update his antivirus everyday. Keep updating your antivirus every day. This may help you detect key logger and provide protection against key logger.

Install the firewall and this also help you to detect key logger and also prevent it.

Use virtual keyboard while entering Usernames & passwords or any important information about accounts (banks). As this technique prevent the key logger by sending  the important information to the attacker.
Steps to open virtual Keyboard   
Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > On-Screen Keyboard
Some mostly used keylogger
Revealer Keylogger
Super Free Keylogger
Actual Keylogger
Only  for education purpose... Try at your own risk
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